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Electronic toll payment for trucks using motorways in Spain, France and Portugal and truck parks

Dual electronic toll payment system (ViaT and Tis-PL in a single device).


The electronic toll payment system that allows you to pay on motorways in Spain, France and Portugal with a single device. Quick and easy to install in the vehicle. Simply attach the device stand to the windscreen of the vehicle.

Via-T installation

With this device, you have access to all discounts on motorways in Spain, France and Portugal:

See the discounts for motorways in Spain

Device cost:

The price per device is currently €2 month to hire. You will be billed this amount on your monthly invoice from RESSA. Depending on the requested volume, we can improve on this offer.
Totally transparent fees and extra costs:
RESSA’s administrative fee: 2.5% (with the added possibility of net invoicing: net of VAT) for French tolls. For Spanish tolls RESSA will charge a fee of 0-2.5% (depending on your spending on Diesel A and tolls) and 2.5% on tolls in Portugal.
NOTE: RESSA is totally transparent in its costs. Do not be misled by seemingly more competitive offers that omit important hidden costs (double commissions, transaction costs, etc.). Check your invoices and you will see that we have the most competitive offer on the market.
With the Dual electronic toll payment device, you can also control your toll payments online, if you ask for this service. You will obtain all the details of your toll payments in an electronic file in the requested format, which you can import directly to your management software.
The Dual electronic motorway toll payment device does away with the need to make cash payments and give drivers cash advances, while also delaying payment for several weeks after the journey was made. There is no need to open bank accounts or obtain bank guarantees in France; each month, the client receives an invoice valid for the recovery of VAT paid in France, with a chronological breakdown of all journeys made with each Dual device on these motorways.
Clients who claim back VAT with RESSA also have the advantage of reclaiming this VAT without having to lift a finger. It is the only motorway payment system that offers discounts for clients on general motorways of up to 13% from the first euro paid.
You can also use your Via-T to pay at truck parks:



Necessary guarantees: A study will be performed by a surety company.Approval is subject to the conditions of RESSA’s Credit Department. Customers who do not provide a bank guarantee, or where this is insufficient, shall bear the costs plus VAT of a Risk Studio (€19) and the minimum monthly hedging cost of €3.50.



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