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Lineas de Ferry para camión RESSA

***** New ferry lines 1/01/2014*****


*****24h reservation center 902 24 365 7 *****

Bilbao - Portsmouth

Calais - Dover

Caen - Portsmouth

Algeciras - Tanger

Dieppe - Newhaven

Gijon - Saint Nazaire

Le Havre - Portsmouth

Gijon - Poole

Gijon - Rosslare

Santander - Poole

Santander - Portsmouth

Dover - Calais

Santander - Plymouth

Barcelona - Livorno

Barcelona - Civitavecchia

Barcelona - Porto  Torres(Cerdeña)

Barcelona - Savona

Valencia - Livorno

Valencia - Salerno

Valencia - Tánger (Marruecos)

Vea cómo funcionan los Ferrys:



To find out the rate for your vehicle, just follow this simple guide:


Car transporters: Articulated trucks for the transportation of vehicles measuring 18.75 metres in length

Jumbo truck: articulated trucks and rolling stock measuring 16.51 to 18.00 metres in length

HGV: articulated trucks and rolling stock measuring between 13.61 and 16.50 metres in length

Trailer: Semi-trailers and rolling stock measuring between 9.1 and 13.60 metres in length

Truck: trucks, vans and rolling stock ranging from 7.1 to 9.0 metres in length

Van: vans, trucks and rolling stock measuring between 5.0 and 7.0 metres in length

****Information on Grimaldi ferry lines*****

Call +39 081 496777 for your Driver’s Card (free ID card) for further benefits, such as:

10% discount on in-store purchases on board

40% discount on all food and drinks in the restaurant, bars and at the Fitness and Wellness centres

Exclusive cabin use (subject to availability after the ship’s departure)

You can book your trip on a range of ferry services through our Booking Centre. Call our 24-hour booking line on 902 24 365 7

Grimaldi Lines ferry departure times here

Grimaldi Lines ferry departure terminals here

Grimaldi rates (excluding VAT) here