RESSA payment methods



RESSA’s payment methods are through cards and electronic toll systems. With our payment methods you will obtain:

  • A single invoice per country to reclaim the VAT
  • Discounts and/or promotions
  • Detailed information on the payments (establishment, location, date, etc.) made by each vehicle
  • Monthly reports on the requested computer medium
  • Check completed transactions online
  • Accepted at multi-brand establishments
  • 24/7 roadside assistance service

Tarjeta de carburante RESSA ORO

Tarjeta de Gasoil RESSA Plata

Tarjeta para peajes Europa RESSA Autopistas

Tarjeta para Gasóleo Bonificado RESSA

Tarjetas Internacionales asociadas a RESSA (Viacard, ESSO, Telepass)