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Toll Card

Cards for the payment of motorway tolls across Europe
With our exclusive toll card for the payment of motorways, you can travel with peace of mind as you pay any toll, charge or Eurovignette in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe (15 countries) and Morocco
•   Accepted at motorway tolls and tunnels, and for charges and Eurovignettes in Europe (15 countries) and Morocco
The Europe Toll card does away with the need to make cash payments and give drivers cash advances, while also delaying payment for several weeks after the purchase. Each month, you will receive a single invoice valid for reclaiming VAT, all your payments broken down by vehicle registration plate and chronological details of all purchases made. You can also consult purchases online in the private area of the RESSA website and download them as a computer file.
The Europe Toll card does not offer discounts; however you can also request any of our electronic toll payment systems for access to attractive discounts:

Via T (España y Portugal)

Telepeaje Dual (Francia + España + Portugal)
Tis-PL  (Sólo Francia)

TollCollect (Alemania)
GoBox (Austria)

Telepass (Italia)
Via Verde (Portugal)

Necessary guarantees: A study will be performed by a surety company.
Approval is subject to the conditions of RESSA’s Credit Department. Customers who do not provide a bank guarantee, or where this is insufficient, shall bear the costs plus VAT of a Risk Studio (€19) and the minimum monthly hedging cost of €3.50.


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