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TollCollect, truck tolls in Germany

By taking out the electronic toll payment system for trucks in Germany, TollCollect, with RESSA, you can pay this toll in Germany easily and conveniently. No matter which invoicing system you choose, whether it be OBU Tollcollect, online or at the toll collection terminal, RESSA is your payment solution.
RESSA is also the only Professional Card that offers a “Service in Spanish for hauliers using the Toll Collect system”; RESSA operators solve all your problems and questions about management of the payment of this German charge, translate Toll Collect documents and communications (all of which are sent in German), translate and deal with fines, manage payment of the OBU in Spanish workshops, make online bookings and have direct and daily communication with the Toll Collect Customer Care service in Germany.
This way, RESSA card users can transport their freight throughout Germany with total peace of mind since, in the event of any incident, no matter how small, RESSA’s operators will be there to give them an immediate response in Spanish.
If you are not a RESSA client and would like to request a Toll Collect electronic toll payment device:
Necessary guarantees: A study will be performed by a surety company.
Approval is subject to the conditions of RESSA’s Credit Department. Customers who do not provide a bank guarantee, or where this is insufficient, shall bear the costs plus VAT of a Risk Studio (€19) and the minimum monthly hedging cost of €3.50.





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