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Via-T electronic toll payment device for trucks on Spanish and Portuguese motorway payments

The Via-T electronic toll payment device (formerly Teletac) is an electronic toll payment device for trucks using Spanish and Portuguese motorways (doing away with the need for the VIA VERDE device) without stopping at toll booths. It is the only motorway payment system that offers discounts for clients on motorways of up to 30%, depending on usage and the motorways in question. 

See the Via-T Motorway Map of Spain (also accepted in Portugal) 

See the RESSA discounts on Spanish Via-T motorways in the Abertis network 


Quick and easy to install in the vehicle; simply attach the device stand to the windscreen of the vehicle. You will obtain all the details of your toll payments in an electronic file that you can import directly to your management software.
It does away with the need to make cash payments and give drivers cash advances, while also delaying payment for several weeks after the journey was made. Each month, the client receives a single motorways invoice valid for VAT recovery, detailing all payments by device and in chronological order on all journeys made on these motorways.
RESSA VIA-T payment on all Portuguese motorways. You will not need another device in your vehicle and you can benefit from discounts on motorways in Portugal*.
*The toll payment service is activated automatically and costs €1 per month (excluding tax) only for the months that the vehicle uses motorways in Portugal
Watch an informative video about how the Via-T works




How to obtain discounts on motorway payments in Portugal with the Via-T


1. Download the attached PDF document Portuguese Discounts Form

-       Complete with the details of the company/self-employed worker and the vehicles requiring access to the discounts (Annex 1), and sign and seal.

2.- Send an email to ressa@ressa.es,attaching the scanned copy of the document after completing and signing

3.- Una vez recibido de RESSA certificado conforme a los dispositivos VIA T que están vinculados a cada vehiculo, se debe adjuntar la siguiente documentación:

-          Permiso de circulación Compulsada.

-          Ficha técnica del vehículo Compulsada.

-          Licencia Comunitaria Compulsada.

-          Certificado de Nivel de Eurocontaminación, en caso de que este no exista en la ficha técnica,(siempre hablando de niveles de Euro superiores a 3), deberá el cliente solicitarlo a su concesionaria y luego enviarlo COMPULSADO.


4.-Upon receipt from RESSA of the certificate of the VIA-T devices for each vehicle, the following documents must be attached:

- Certified copy of registration certificate.
- Certified copy of the vehicle’s certificate of roadworthiness.
- Certified copy of the EU driving licence.
- Certificate of EU pollution level, if not stated in the certificate of roadworthiness (for EU levels over 3). The client must request this from the dealership and send it as a CERTIFIED copy.
5. Lastly, the completed and signed form, together with the certificate sent by RESSA and the certified documentation should be sent to the following address in Portugal:
Descontos VIA T em Auto-estradas de Portugal
Via Verde Portugal SA
Apartado 300
EC Linda-a-Velha
2797-983 Linda-a-Velha
Note: the discounts will be assigned to each vehicle with the VIA-T device stated. If the device is used in a different vehicle, the discounts will be forfeited and a penalty may be charged. RESSA shall not be held liable for VIA-T devices that are swapped between vehicles.
Access to the discounts is subject to a one-off charge of €3.50 per vehicle.



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